Consignment Shopping……..A Way of Life

The average mark up on retail clothing is around 300%! That’s right. So when you see something at 50-70% off the retailer is still making a decent profit. In the secondary clothing market, I tell my consignors if you can get 20% of what you paid for an item….. you are doing well. You lose 20% when you drive that new car off the lot, well you lose 50% or more when you buy that new blouse or coat at Nordstrom or Macys. Join the recycle, renew way of life and change the way, we as a culture, can changeĀ our world. Everyone likes a “good deal”. Why wait for a sale at one of the big department stores, when everyday is a sale day at your local consignment stores. We are proud to be the leader in women’s upscale fashion apparel and accessories in the Annapolis area. We will always get you top dollar for your slightly used Gucci, Prada, Versace, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Lilly, and other top brand merchandise. Happy Shopping and hope to see you soon at Fancypants Consignment Boutique!

All the best,

Jan Nuscher